Show us your setup!

Hey all!

I thought it would be interesting to see how you guys are using the GL products at home, at the office or anywhere else.

I have seen posts of users putting routers in strange places and on RV’s and so on, but no photos of it :frowning:

Show us your setup! :smiley:

Here is mine:

Internet comes in from fiber (full duplex up to 10gigabit possible) into a fiber converter in the hallway, then into the top white gateway in this photo.
It then gets split off into IPTV boxes in other rooms, the white phone converter (takes the ip phone signal and sends it into the old copper wiring, letting old style phones work like normal) and to the grey cable that goes into an S1300 here:

I have a lot of devices so a switch was needed to connect pc’s, printer, consoles and other things :smiley:

All the wiring is custom, Cat6E :slight_smile:


Nice clean and tidy setup. Much better than mine.

Here is mine. 200 routers and 2.4G still works.


That’s a lot of routers :smiley:

Nice setup @Johnex.


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Looks clean, but you need to replace your Optus with an x750 :smiley:

This is mine.

I have S1300 as the main router. I have a USB disk attached to it. I copied the music from the USB disk to S1300’s internal storage and disconnected it.

This is my brand new Sonos One. I have a old LeTV box, which do not work well now. I will change the TV box.

In the corner of my room, I have one B1300 meshed to my S1300 and it works perfect.

Here is one of my setups. It’s a mobile network that we use for tradeshows.

It contains a X1200 to provide internet connectivity with dual sims. A VPN concentrator to connect to the office, and a separate B1300 for WiFi of the VPN network. There is also a 5 port PoE switch.

External ports for VPN Network

3 x PoE Lan ports for direct internet, 1 x WAN, 2 x USB (can be used for media input to router), 1 x IEC power input.

This is it with the X750 before I upgraded to the X1200


Very compact and feature packed :smiley: You just need a few custom cables to clean it all up :smiley:

My fancy setup :blush:
Google Photos

My previous fancy setup :joy:
Google Photos

Seriously though. We have been housesitting and moving houses a lot. Rather than having to connect all our devices (probably about 12 including an Android TV box and Chromecast) to the house network every time we move I just connect them all to the GL.iNet router then WISP to the house WiFi and away we go and when we move house again, one connection and we’re away again!

Oh just remembered and the AR750s has a fancy 32GB sd-card acting as a SMB media server too and if the house has deads spots the Mango now fufils that purpose.

Sorry to outdo you all and make you all envious :rofl:

Oh yeah? Well i raise your fancy setup with my infinite power setup:

LAN Slate → WAN Mifi
Lan Wifi → WAN Slate

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hehe - if one sees a sudden run on AR-150’s…

@sfx2000 We need some photos here of your setup too :stuck_out_tongue:

We use MiFi’s as the primary hardware for a cloud-based door access solution.

2 relays for door strike releases, 2 inputs for door contacts for monitoring door states, tied into internal GPIOs with a custom made cable. Thanks to MiFi LTE module these units are literally plug and play for our contract installers. We were originally using AR150s with Huawei LTE modems, but MiFi provides a cleaner more complete solution and saves a bit of cost too.


So you drilled a hole and wired two GPIO to your relay?

Mifi only works as LTE gateway without using its WiFi and Ethernet cable?

Also about your GPIO, do you convert 2.5V to 5V?

Yup, drilled 1 hole for relay connection and hole on opposite side for external 5V input from regulator board mounted below MiFi (Door strikes are 12V, so the entire system runs off a single 12V supply).

MiFi is acting as LTE gateway but also running custom software we built to allow relays to be triggered from our cloud platform and status to be shown in realtime. LAN interface is used for onsite troubleshooting in case LTE fails communication for some reason. LAN and Wireless also leave room for future potential (i.e. adding IP camera and possibly tying in other devices).

The relay board requires 5V power (also taken from the 5V rail of the MiFi since that’s a direct pass through I was told) but has transistors/driver circuit built in to be triggered by anything above about 2V. So works very well with minimal external components needed.

Not pretty, but functional for what I’m doing

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I would be happy to, but for now, it’s a bit sensitive, as it’s a project under development.

I was looking at @alzhao 's setup - first thing I thought was the Cloud Platform testing and verification - that’s a lot of WiFi in a small space :wink:

My Slate’s the router I use for travel, this is some random hotel stay:

Most times I have to use it in WISP/Repeater mode; but sometimes I luck out (like this particular stay) and the hotel has real (and working!) Ethernet connections so I use it that way; the thruput is far better. Either way, I like to wire up my Fire Stick and laptop as the fewer active devices trying to contend for the WiFi channels the better.