Showing console of GL-AR150 through Serial/UART on Raspberry Pi

If anyone is interested in fetching the console through the serial/UART connection of the GL-AR150 and you do own a USB TTL adapter you might want to have a read on this: Overview - GL.iNet Docs
This documentation is meant fot the GL iNet 6416 router, but also can be used for the GL-AR150.

When you want to setup the serial connection on a Raspberry Pi with USB TTL adapter there are a few additions to the documentation:

  • Instead of installing “gkermit” you should install “ckermit” (I’ve read it should always be gkermit in general) with:
    sudo apt-get install ckermit
  • After creating the configurationfile ckermit fails to start with the “-c” parameter. Just use it without “-c” parameter.

Tested it with a Raspberry Pi 2 B.