Sim Card Not Registered, Internet not working

Hi Members!

I have recently purchased GL-X3000NR 5G router from but when I inserted 2 sim card on port no any card working with the router, it’s showing signal strength level but showing “sim card not registered” and internet is not working.

I’m from India and checked with JIO, Vi and AIRTEL Sim but no any sim working for me​:sob:, anyone please :pray: help me on this.

Hi Satyam500160:

Does those cards work properly on the phone?


JIO, Vi and AIRTEL support LTE and NR5G?


Hello @lizh

All problems are related to IMEI number we were changed the IMEI number to my a unused 5G phone then it is working fine.

I think Indian phone comes with special IMEI number and only works with Indian sim.

Anyway my problem is solved.


I get it.