Sim card pin locked

Hi, I’ve changed sim card in my X750 device. After power up I typed new pin (replacing) old one. Unfortunately I received ‘sim card not registered’ error. After putting sim card to mobile phone again I had to type PUK to unlock sim card. It sees X750 locked the new card by trying to use incorrect pin three times.

Shouldn’t modem emit error when wrong pin is set and stop card unlocking with wrong pin?
How to type PUK code from X750 web interface?

Are you using QMI mode or ttyUSB?

If your modem has pin, you have to use ttyUSB. In that case you can input your pin.

My sim card has pin. I can already type it via web interface. The problem is with software trying wrong pin till sim card is blocked. After that it doesn’t even asks for PUK and I had to use mobile phone to unlock sim card. Fortunately I had my PUK code around.

What I mean it seems whole SIM PIN interface is not safe and can easily lock your SIM for good if only forgot PUK.

I see. Maybe @luochongjun can have a check.

If you enter the PIN code wrong, the device will try again and again, more than a certain number of times will cause the SIM card to lock, this is a BUG, I will fix it.

If the SIM card is locked, you can unlock it by AT+CPIN=“PUK”,“NEWPIN”.

Whats status of fixing this bug?

@luochongjun @alzhao what is status of this bug?