SIM-ERROR on new GL-MiFi

Hi together

Today I recieved my GL-MiFi. I installed my SIM-Card but I can’t connect.
I configured the settings (apn) for my Provider here (same as on mobile phone).
If I execute “comgt” I get this error:

root@GL-MIFI:~# comgt Trying list of devices ***SIM ERROR*** Check device port configuration. Check SIM is inserted Test SIM in a mobile phone?
Same SIM-Card is working in my Mobile Phone without problems. One thing is, that the SIM-Card is on Roaming. But I think this should not be the issue. Does anyone have a Idea how I can fix this?

the corner cut of the SIM should face outside.

Please reinsert your SIM card and do “reset modem” using UI.

Yes, I resolved it. In front sure, but also with Chip upwards.