SIM is not detected

I bought a 4G modem MUDI, model GL-E750V2C6,

I insert the SIM card and started the modem.

The SIM card is not detected.
Message on the OLED is "Insert SIM Card and Reboot".
in the Admin Panel, Cellular is indicated with the orange status light, and mention No SIM and SIM not detected.

already tried :

  • reinsert the SIM card and Reboot
  • Reboot modem
  • several SIM cards tested (BOUYGUES, SFR, ORANGE)
  • Test of the SIM card with another LTE 4G Modem (tp-link M7650) -> works

I guess the the router is not working and shall be returned to the seller.

Is the sim card inserted correctly?

Yes, according the picture with the corner up left.


Please send me the results of this AT instruction an this log

Here it is :




Click Export Debug log and there should be a file
Look at the information inside

Is the SIM inserted enough ?
it is impossible to push more. It hangs at this position.

The sim card doesn't look fully plugged in
This one's stuck crooked

It look crooked on the photo but it is not, it can move slightly to be straight.
But it can definitely not be inserted fully. It seems the SIM slot is not OK.
I will sent the router back.

Could you loosen the screw a little and try it?
thank you

I did, but it is still not better

I've had tech support contact you