SIM on GL-X750 v2 doesn't work anymore after upgrade...

Hi everyone.

Just got a GL-X750 v2 and set it up right away with the old firmware, i guess it was 3.0. SIM worked immediately, but i noticed that multible wan is missing, so I did the upgrade via the bin-file from the official web site.

Now, I have 4.0, multiple wan, but the SIM can’t be unlocked. „SIM card has been locked, please input the PIN code to unlock it.“

OK then, tried the SIM in my old router and it works just fine. Tried it in a phone and it works just fine. Reset the GL.iNet and tried again. Same error.

What am I doing wrong here? Please help me out.

OK, I managed to deactivate SIM PIN with another router. Now it works.
Seems like the GL-X750 just can’t handle PINs properly. Also, it can’t turn SIM PIN off or am I missing something here?

What is the firmware version number of 4.0?

2024-03-21 0:05:36(UTC+08:00)