Simple routing question


My Beryl is a second Router on my lan. Its wan connection is served from my lan, its ip from where I access the mgmt is Beryls WiFi ( serves a client (.8.231) I want to access that client from my LAN. So I have my lan Router a static route pointing to .2.187 for Trace route shows traffic is heading there but not further. What am I missing?

Hi, in firewall section allow traffic from wan to lan for the host you want to access.

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Thank you! I needed to set the Wi-Fi client as DMZ host.

My case is working this way but it does natting to the „wan“ ip. Is there a way to do this via routing? Using DMZ/nat I can only reach a single host on the Beryl wifi…

What kind of access do you need? Port forwarding with different external ports to internal ports of the client to reach instead of dmz.