Simple Wifi to Lan Bridge MT300A

So, I finally went ahead and upgraded from the capable MT300A to a much more capable MT3000. The speed difference in routing, VPN is noticeable. As the 300A is still working I would like to use it as a bridge from my wireless network to an ethernet connection to primarily support an older color laser printer so I can move it from the ethernet jack it is occupying to another room.

I thought I would just use wisp, but that changes the IP and reinstalling the printer would be time consuming. I’ve read through some items on the forum, but none seem to address a Wifi to LAN bridge. Other articles online suggest using the App Repo and installing “relayd”, but I was not able to find it in the repo list. I’ve tried creating a bridge in the LUCI interface, between the various wireless and lan interfaces, but I must be missing an attribute or something since when I do it, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

If this is covered elsewhere, I apologize, but I did attempt to search the forums for an answer. Any assistance would be appreciated. Literally, all I want to do is use the 300A to make a printer wireless without having to visit every computer to which it is currently connected.

Try setting up the router in Extender network mode. You can use the Ethernet LAN to plug in and disable the Wifi WLAN (in LuCI).

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Thanks for the information. My MT300A does not have an extender option, it does have a repeater (also cable, 3/4G and tethering) option. Also, I need the wireless radio to bridge the local wifi to the ethernet on the printer. The wifi I need to bridge is on the wireless WLAN, if I disable it, how do I connect to it and pass the traffic to the ethernet LAN port on the MT300A?

Sorry, I thought the GL-MT300A would have Extender network mode because all the newer GL.iNet routers have that feature and utilize relayd to perform this function.

For the models that have Extender network mode, the WWAN connects to the main router/access point and the WLAN is separate so can be disabled.

Interesting. Is there a way to install the “relayd” service on the MT300A? In sites I read it was available in the App Repo, but now I cannot locate it for install. It seems this one app is the solution. It there any way to get it on my GL device?

So, to help people with the same issue, and because no one else suggested this anywhere, including GL.inet people on this forum here is how I got this done. I updated to the beta 3.100 firmware (GL.iNet download center ( and installed it. The install was smooth and it kept all my previous settings.

On I logged back in, I went to More Settings > Network Mode then selected extender. Here there was a bug that asked me to change MAC Clone (something I never touched) to the default. I went to More Settings > MAC Clone and changed it to the item labeled default in the dropdown list. I had to reboot the device as it did not populate the available WiFi networks in the extender menu.

Once I rebooted the device and navigated back to More Settings > Network Mode > Extender the Wifi network dropdown populated and I selected my network, entered in the SSID and clicked apply. Another dropdown about holding the reset button for 4 seconds to swap back to router mode and the printer appeared online as if it were plugged into the ethernet jack.

The beta firmware seems fine to me, but I wonder why it wasn’t just released as a final version. I have no further plans to expand the use of the bridge so as long as there aren’t any major issues I’m happy to let the Azure keep plugging away as a single device wireless bridge.