Simplified admin console

I make firmware for the router (GL.inet MIFI)
Please tell me how to activate simplified admin console for GL.iNet, which packages to include in $ make menuconfig?

Luci works, everything is ok.

The GL UI is proprietary and not available in standard OpenWRT. To use it, you must build an image using the imagebuilder here:

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Everything is fine, make the firmware and add the necessary packages!

If you allow, another question, is how to add support for /dev/mem virtual device support?

What is added to the
$make menuconfig ==> Global build settings. ==> Kernel build options ==> [*] / dev / mem virtual device support

From the root of the build directory, ./scripts/ will show all changes relative to the ā€œdefaultā€ configuration for the device.

Within make menuconfig, the ? key will provide the ā€œhelpā€ for the option.

In the worst case you will be able to compile just the kernel and replace the kernel into the GL imagebuilder before making your image, with any changes you need. Make sure the kernel is from the same version of OpenWRT the imagebuilder is using :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for your reply!
And please tell us in more detail how to compile only the kernel and how to replace it? Where is the main image GL imagebuilder?

Maybe a link where I can read?

When you build an image with the GL imagebuilder it will download all the required files on the first time.
After that, you could do something like this:

And then replace the kernel files into the GL imagebuilder folder and make an image again.