Single Ethernet connection into VPN BRUME 2


Is it possible to run the BROOMI as a router on a stick?

My set up is:

|. ← PPPoE
ASUS router, wifi and switch
(LAN) ← .1
| <—
(WAN) ← .176

I’d like both the VPN client to terminate onto the WAN interface (via a DDNS pass through on the ASUS), and then route local traffic out of the same interface.

Even though the (WAN) interface on the BRUME2 is assigned an IP address I cannot port 80 to set it up.

I don’t want to use the BRUME2 to terminate my WAN connection onto - it needs to go via the ASUS device (for a number of reasons).

And my LAN is also on that side.


Sorry tried to understand but still confusing

Thank you for the reply.

Is it possible to set this device up as a single legged router?

Ie. BRUME2 runs OpenVPN or Wireguard SERVER, and then routes back out of the same interface?

Why do I need both WAN and LAN interfaces?

When you set up Brume 2 as vpn server, you only need to connect its WAN to your parent router and it works. Don’t forget to set up the correct port forwarding.

You don’t need LAN for vpn server to work. You only need LAN to set it up.

Ok thank you. Does the LAN Ethernet auto crossover?

What do you mean crossover?

Can I plug my laptop Ethernet directly into the LAN port, or does it need to go via a hub/switch.

Ie. does it cross over pins 1,2 6 and 7 (IIRC) automatically, eg. MDI-X support.

Yes. I believe modem routers are all auto.

You need to set macvlan if you need to make it a single legged router.
On the other hand, drop-in gateway mode may fit your needs.