Site 2 site crashes site A

Hi All
Looking for some insight …

I have 2 GL-MT2500 acting as routers with Tailscale enabled. My hope is to create a “site to site” vpn so that I can access NAS devices on both networks.

Here is my setup:

Site 1:

Site 2:

However, if I enable “colombia”… after running this for a few hours, it totally renders the “3437” network unusable…

I remedy the situation by rebooting the 3437 network’s router, and turning off Tailscale on the “Colombia” network…

I’m not sure, exactly, if I have isolated the problem… but that seems to get 3437 up and running again - - I can keep tailscale running on 3437… but running anything else on that tailscale subnet that includes 3437, seems to cause issues that borks 3437 only…

The others nodes work fine - - but 3437 needs a reboot…

I hope I’m describing that correctly - - what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance - AJ

ok, after some thinking - i realized that I should probably turn off access to the WAN side of things on both routers… (i’m not even sure why this would be needed… ) could this have possibly been causing the problem?

Speaking for myself, I have to say that I find it very difficult to understand your setup when I don’t have a network plan for it and all IP ranges are censored.

Would you kindly make a short sketch and at least share the networks (i.e. the first 3 octets of the IP) with us?

Follow my post here for more information on how to provide necessary data: How to get support quickly

I’m terribly sorry - you’re right – I’ll work on a proper drawing.
Thank you for the suggestion!

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No problem, it could be because I can’t visualize networks so well in my mind’s eye. :sweat_smile:

I hope this helps… it’s simple really - - sorry for not sending you any real IP Addresses, but I’ve done no modifications to the “point and click” settings that Tailscale provides… so they IP addresses are arbitrary… I’d be happy to change them as needed, per your advice…

… but in case it helps, I have Colombia on a and 3437 on a

ok - so it’s been 21 hours since I turned off “Allow Remote Access to WAN”, and that seems to have affecting the 3437 network and causing the crash - - I’m not really sure why… but I’m really happy to report that the Site to Site now works - and really really well.

I hope this post helps someone experiencing a similar problem / and sorry again for the messy beginning - thanks again, @admon


Loving the GL-Inet routers / thanks to the community for the help

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I don’t know about those options, since I am more into ZeroTier and not Tailscale. :frowning:
What does the quicktip next to it say?

I would assume you don’t need it since you don’t want to use Tailscale as an VPN speaking in using the WAN interface - like surfing with the IP from 3437

this is what the quicktip says:

Also, note that I get a significant packet loss… is there anything that I’m doing that would cause that? can it be fixed/addressed? the local users on that local LAN (3437) report no real issues - - as for me, I don’t get super reliable speeds accessing recources on that LAN… I’d like to be able to stabilize it and hopefully improve transfer speeds/performance… but for now, I’m just happy it’s working!

Thanks for reading!

Could you do a traceroute to understand how the traffic flows and which nodes are involved?

I’m afraid, I’m not much of a networking guy and don’t really understand this data / but there are only 2 entries… I assume that’s good