Site-to-Site Connection

Hello community,

I’ve been struggling for several weeks to establish a Site-to-Site connection using my GL.iNet routers (model GL-MT300N-V2) to access a pool controller remotely without altering my client’s home network configuration. I’ve taken steps through the GoodCloud platform, and both routers are visible in my device list. However, I’m encountering problems when trying to set up the Site-to-Site connection.

Here are my current challenges and questions:

  1. Connection Errors: I’m receiving errors when attempting to establish the Site-to-Site connection. Are there specific steps I might have overlooked?
  2. Router Model: Have I chosen the correct routers (GL-MT300N-V2), or do I potentially need different models for this type of connection?
  3. Public IP Addresses: My routers don’t have public IP addresses. How can I configure this correctly?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can offer. Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences or can recommend a guide or resources to resolve this issue.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Site to Site

S2S VPN is mostly broken since the last Goodcloud update. You will have to wait a bit more until it works again.

But I wonder about „no public IPs“ - you don’t need a static one - but at least public it has to be. Dynamic is fine.

Unfortunately I am also experiencing several issues with S2S VPN that is mostly broken since the last Goodcloud update.
Anyway, when, hopefully, it will work again, The Main Node router could also not have a public IP by itself, but it is important that the Modem provided by the ISP that is connected to the WAN port of the GL-inet router has a public IP (this is the typical case of a ADSL or Fiber modem, but it is typically NOT the case for the cellular 4G/LTE or 5G Modems that have a private IP on the ethernet side). If the modem provided by the ISP has a public IP it is often required to map the port used by S2S VPN (default 51830) toward the IP address of the WAN interface of the GL-inet router.

I may have expressed myself somewhat incorrectly, and the first graphic is also not complete.
Therefore i have edited the image again because i think this could be related to why my GL.iNet routers have not been assigned a public IP address

Can you set up port forwarding on your Frizbox 7490?
Forward port 51830 of the Frizbox 7490 to the GL-MT300NV2.

of cours i can set up the port forwarding on my FRITZ!Box 7390. However i’m looking for a way to access the browser interface of the pool control system from the outside, WITHOUT contacting the customer’s network.

Have i perhaps chosen the wrong router for my purposes?

A public IP on either side is fine. That simply makes it possible from the other side to directly reach the other router.

Depends. But without touching the customers LAN but not having an separate internet connection this might be difficult indeed.