Site to Site down when using WG Client

Hi there

I’ve got a S2S set up that doesnt work when the WG Client is enabled on the router.

I’ve got “Services from GL iNet use VPN” turned off.

Do you have a static IP address or Dynamic IP address from your ISP?
The WireGuad client is on the Main Node Flint AX1800 and is connecting to a WireGuard VPN?
Is node 1 connecting to the internet through the Main Node

Is there a guest network on the Flint ax1800 that uses that could be causing a conflict?


Node 1 is on another network entirely.

The wireguard client is on flint.

Im assuming that the Goodcloud’s S2S is using wireguard and it doesnt like it.

There must be a routing change I need to make.

I think you are supposed to start S2S first then you can start WireGuard, but you are correct in that GoodCloud does use WireGuard.

I do remember a forum for Brume 2 where this was explained, try to find it