Site to Site using Tailscale

Hi team! Struggling with some site to site networking using Tailscale and was hoping you might be able to help. Thank you in advance! :smile:

My challenge: I've got this working for my personal devices, but it does not work for my work/company laptop. I believe it might be related to configuring hop routing on my GL-MT3000..?

I have my home network with a VM running on proxmox that i'd like to be able to access outside of my home. I am using a GL-MT3000 as my travel router. When away from home, I'd like to have all devices connected to my GL-MT3000 be able to connect to my VM at home.

I can have the VM serve as a subnet router on Tailscale, or i can have my home router's pfsense serve as a subnet router (i'm not sure which is better.) I have Tailscale running on my GL-MT3000.

Using pfsense as my subrouter, i can successfully get devices behind my GL-MT3000 to connect to my VM.

When my work laptop is actually on my home network, i have no problem accessing my local IPs (eg, but when my work laptop is connected to my GL-MT3000 it cannot ping my local IPs. Note, my personal laptop has no problem pinging my local IPs. So that's why i think it might be a DNS related issue? Also, just fyi, i cannot install anything on my work laptop..totally locked down.

Anyways, thank you in advance for any guidance! Would loooove to be able to let my work laptop access my home network when i'm outside the home.