Site to Site VPN for Roku Cable TV app

Can I setup my own VPN server with the MT300N-V2?, I don’t have a static IP address but I will use or a similar service. There is a cable TV app that I want to use but it needs to be on the home wifi. I thought if I connected it through a VPN while away I could have the Roku connect to it.

So I want 1 VPN server with the MT300N-V2 and then 1 VPN client with the MT300N-V2/

Can you check this guide

so I have it setup and working. Are there any instructions on how to add a DNS service like NOIP to is so it updates the IP automatically? I’m NOT using goodcloud.

In the original settings you use IP address. If you have ddns you can just change to ddns.

Pls note, upgrade to firmware 3.211 which fixed some problems in wireguard.