Site to site VPN

I have two Mangos and would like to set up one as a Wireguard server and the other as the client. Are there in instructions on how to do this? I looked into goodcloud but that looks to be $80 a month and I don’t wanna spend that much for something I just wanna play around with from my house to my parents.

How did you find this info because there is no such price at all. It is free.

But here is the solution for you without cloud

thank you for link, I will check it out. Do you also have a link to goodcloud? All I saw that was a free trial.

@alzhao, I got it working with GoodCloud but not with a VPN. What I mean is they are both connected but I need it to look like im at my parents house from my house, so something isn’t working right with the VPN. Any ideas?

You need to set up Site-2-Site as to this Site-to-Site Network - GL.iNet