Site to Site with pfSense

Hello everyone,

Has anyone gotten a site-to-site configuration working with a pfSense LAN over wireguard?

I’m completely unable using the GL GUI. Using the “advanced” OpenWRT I can get a handshake, but I still can’t see any of the hosts on my home LAN.

Anyone know of a good guide?

Why? Can you give a reason?

If you have to manually create the wireguard config, it is not that difficult.

@alzhao, as mentioned in other threads, there seems to be a bug in manual creation of wireguard client configurations.

There was a problem with sharedkey I think and it is fixed.

So put the config in a txt format and upload to the router should not be a problem.

I tried this, and it did not work. Maybe you could offer an example conf file with unusable keys?