Size comparison

So my unit finally reached me today. Now all you tech nerds are playing with VPNs etc but the first thing for me is size comparison. Nobodys posted one yet so here ya go.


You did what I want to do, LOL …

Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: Probably should have added the Flint as well…

I have tried my best to put my 5 GL-iNET devices together to take a photo, since 3 of them are still operating. :laughing:

Wow just look at the size difference compared to the slate. Here it’s with the spitz.

The more powerful chipset needs more space for heat sink I guess.

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It’s friggin… HUUUUUGE. :joy:


ahh, that makes sense.

Ah, you beat me to posting a pic next to my USB-150 :slight_smile: But TBH it’s not so big to me, it’ll be my new travel router.

This makes my 6th GL-iNet device; AR300M, 750, USB-150, 2x 750S and Beryl, all of which have spent a lot of time on the road (and in the air for the USB-150).

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Yes, I think there are travel routers and then there are travel routers. One or two nights, just me and a backpack, the Mango is fine. Two months in Lisboa with the family, the Beryl (or Opal or Slate XT).

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USB150 is supposed to plug in Slate AX to work.

Assuming you weren’t joking, would there be any benefit to this?

It creates another interface and you can do some failover. Or use it for monitoring.

Mmmm. Run my IOT devices on different router without having to run another “full” router… Got me thinking now… :thinking:

Huh … could it be used as the “source” in a repeater mode? IOW, let that do the listening and associating with our desired AP, so- and this might not be a thing, though- when the main (built-in) radios flap between multiple APs of the SSID we’re using as a source, WiFi devices connected to the router don’t drop connections?

yeah, compared to my Brume its huge!!
it looks more like a desktop router than a travel router

Still you can carry in the palm of your hand, maybe not in your shirt pocket.
Congrats for the detail in the design of the foldable antennas because they really fits without taking much more space.
The fact that also add an usb port can make bigger too.

Very late to the party with this but here we go:

And here’s the Model shot:


Oh we are doing that? :smiley: