Slate 0612 test release problem

There is a problem with the 0612 release. I left it logged to the gui, otherwise the device is idling.
very high load averages and unusually high memory consumtion.

root@GL-AR750S:~# uptime
08:07:57 up 16:11, load average: 4.85, 4.95, 4.98

root@GL-AR750S:~# free -h
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 124396 94044 30352 3280 12588 28596
-/+ buffers/cache: 52860 71536
Swap: 0 0 0


@lancer Please check it out!

Hi, manderss99
What function did you open? I found api process and gl_health process exception from the image.
We have updated ar750s_3.025 testing firmware and made a lot of optimizations, you can download it from
Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.


Installed 3.025 and left it running overnight, it seems the problem have been fixed,


spoke too soon.
The problem remains on 3.025.
I logged into the router using firefox and left it on the main internet screen overnight.

root@GL-AR750S:~# uptime
05:47:21 up 11:11, load average: 5.55, 5.13, 4.9

What function did you open? How can I reproduce this problem?

I just logged in and left it on the default page (‘internet’) overnight.
in the morning I had this high load averages.

no other clients was connected, the router was just idling.

using latest firefox on mac if that matters.

What about you close the browser after high load? Will the load and memory come back to normal?

The internet page actually calls too many api again and agin. So high Cpu load and memory usage is normal.

The page is not responding at all.

in previous versions (0329 and others) the load average was below 1 in the same scenario so something is very wrong.

This is after closing the web browser, the load does average not decrease:


What you have python 3 running?

What did you install?

it is a self made script to fetch statistics from e3372 modem which I invoked.
It was not run at time of previous tests and is not using gl api.

We have update to 3.025-0626, we tested for two days and found no problems.
you can download it from
Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.

after running 0626 for two days everything is fine.
will report back if this issue reoccurs, thanks