Slate 5g radio dead?

Situation: I have a Slate that’s about 3 years old. It is my travel router, only used on the road. Only use the 5g radio.
This week twice, after being connected for a while, I lost connection, no SSID showed. Repowered a few time with no luck. Did the 10 second reset push.
Set up everything again, 5g only. Worked about a day.
Same thing.
This time I turn on the 2g radio also.
Next day 5g failed, 2g continues to work.
Question: shall I presume the 5g radio is basically dead, or is there something I might look at to trouble shoot?

It can be, I would check the follow:

  • are the same country configured on my router (on advanced admin menue) an on my pc (not configured systems are often set to us)
  • are the same channels configured (p.e. set to auto) on my router and on my pc

I’ll check those things, but it’s not like anything has changed on the router in months. I’ve been using it without issue until this week. I don’t fiddle in the settings at all.

It can be your hardware are died, or:

  • it can be its depend on fligh radar and useing fligh radar related channels. Pls. check the fligh radar are useing 5GHz channels. I am not sure about. If I remember right, newer one gl firmware disable flight radar related channels
  • it can be you have activated auto firmware update and the auto updated firmware have overwritten a part of your configuration
  • or other things

Thats my ideas. We will see what the gl service say.

Flight radar? explain.

Auto firmware update is off. The last updated firmware a few months back.

Maybe you can just check your log. If hardware is dead generally there is some message that the driver report hardware error.

But seems hardware dead.

Its looks it called “DFS channels” and they are like this on 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi.
Thats are channels, which used by flight radar or weather radar or like this by air planes. Depend on low of some country’s, the use of by wifi also used related channels, have priority for use by airplane and temporary disabled by DFS certified routers.

It can be, gl router don’t have a DSF certification. See follow statement from gl:

Its looks like wifi related DFS channels are:

Band DFS Channel Frequency (MHz)
U-NII-1 36 – 48 5170 – 5250
U-NII-2A DFS 52 – 64 5250 – 5330
U-NII-2C DFS 100 – 140 5490 – 5710
U-NII-3 149 – 165 5735 – 5835

Source: How to Use DFS Channels in WiFi | NetBeez Blog

If you configure on your router (p.e. on advanced admin menue of gl router) and / or your PC, to use only channel which will be disabled by a DFS compatible device if a airplane fly over you, you will lost your wifi connection. Thats are the roules. Check the configuration of your devices.

Airplanes use 1090mhz, DFS is used for military, weather and satellite.

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Well, I wasn’t aware, and guess what?

I was at the airport hotel all week. The hotel right there, at…the…airport.
I think the hotel also has at least 1 weather radar on top.

This week I’ll be in a different hotel and will report back.

So, I presume the logs would show some sort of errors from this.
I’m guessing the errors will still be in the logs as I haven’t reset it again once I turned on the 2g.

From my point of fiew, possible DFS related problems, should be fixed, by configure on router and pc, to use not only DFS related channels. That should be ok, if you configure “autochannel” or what ever it are called on router and pc.

Cool, I’ll configure on the router and confirm all is good this week.

Thanks for the insite.

By the way, the factory default wifi configuration of gl router are for “us”. US wifi have only 10 or 11 chanels on 2.4 GHz. ( I dont know yet about 5 GHz) Some other countrys have have 13 chanels like all european EU countrys, and if i remember right, Japan have p.e. the highest channel count with 14 channels on 2.4 GHz.

It can be, you will reduce a possible DFS related problem from tecnical point of view for you, by select not a country with the lowest possible channel count which is available around the world. depend on law, all devices should configured to the right currend country by pe. a easy to find menue item, not only on a little bit hidden gl advanced admin menu.

And by the way:
Dear GL firmware developer,
depend on law of some country’s, the wifi related country need to be configured by 1`st commissioning of the device to the right country … It can be that’s should be fixed depend on Legal purposes and CE certification issues which are Legal purposes too …

Yep @Henry_Bruns, you nailed it. I couldn’t wait so fired it up at home. Looked at the logs and…

Fri Jan 8 13:48:07 2021 daemon.notice hostapd: 20/40 MHz operation not permitted on channel pri=11 sec=7 based on overlapping BSSes

This would have never occurred to me.

So, now I’ll always have the 2g radio on just in case.

Thanks, again.

You are welcome.
Beste regards.

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