Slate 750S bricked after GUI firmware upgrade

  1. Clicked firmware upgrade in gui

  2. Firmware updated fine and sent me to welcome page

  3. Entered new password

  4. Infinite spinning circle while trying to load

  5. Never makes it past spinning circle

  6. Try every possible reset, 3 sec, 10 sec, 30/30/30.

  7. Eventually not Even a spinning circile loads, just blank screen at

  8. Try to follow debrick via uboot, do the reset sequence, change my IP to and try to go to, never see the " pick your firmware file" splash page

  9. Now I have a bricked router and no where to go, all from a GUI firmware upgrade, wtf

Clear cookies on your browser.

Just did that and still same exact problems

i have the same issue. did anyone figure this out?

Hit up support they will help u. I just had to wait really long time and the update worked. You can try factory reset too and just wait it takes a while

power cycle did the trick for me :slight_smile: