Slate 750S Test Frimware 3,010.1213

Latest test firmware does not work if you “save settings” (at least, it didn’t for me but I do make my own changes in Luci and by SSH)

What is this (in /etc/init.d/starvpn) please? (I removed it without obvious side-effects):

#add by wellnw
uci set firewall.forwarding_guest_ovpn=‘forwarding’
uci set firewall.forwarding_guest_ovpn.dest=‘ovpn’
uci set firewall.forwarding_guest_ovpn.src=‘guestzone’


Same happened to me on 3.010-1213. Upgrade needs to be done with “keep settings” turned off. All fine after that.

Could you please explain more about why it doesn’t work? Which part doesn’t work for you?

This script is OpenVPN client initial script.

This is for guest network.

I didn’t waste time testing just did a reset but I do know I couldn’t get internet (my settings had VPN enabled).