Slate (AR750s) firmware upgrade from 2.x to 4.3.10 - features missing

Hi, I upgraded Slate (AR750s) firmware upgrade from 2.x to 4.3.10. Some options appear to be missing compared to 4.5 firmware. Can someone confirm if this router doesn’t have SSH, ZeroTeir, and TailScale? Thanks.

I think SSH is installed (although I can’t be 100% sure because I installed some openvpn packages that might have included SSH (dropbear is the ssh server). They didn’t install TailScale or ZeroTier though. They appear in the Applications->plugins to be installed. They also removed network storage. I was able to install luci-app-samba4 to use and share files on the SD card. I’m guessing that openwrt install grew in size so gl decided to remove packages.