Slate AR750S -FW 3.216- Not all connected devices appear in Clients


I have different vlans but I can’t see the other devices in the Clients page, only LAN and Guest (2Ghz and 5Ghz)

How to add these other networks in Clients?

I know that gl_tertf is responsible for that list. Can it be edited somehow to monitor eth0.11 for example?

They do not appear here

Thank you

This seems difficult. Need to modify gl_tertf which we don’t want to do for old firmware 3.x

Ok thank you. In FW 4.x is this resolved? Clients page shows any new vlan connected devices?

I tried 4.x but I didn’t check this.

I don’t think this is resolved in 4.x yet.

But we had some work in vlan settings in 4.x firmware and of course will take this issue into consideration. Sorry I don’t have ETA for vlan settings in our default firmware.

OK thank you.

Where can i find gl_tertf files in router using SSH? I don’t find them. Just tertf lists in /temp and in etc/tertf.

It is not shell script. It is a c program.