Slate - AR750S - Web Console?

Trying to setup the Slate for the first time, but cannot connect to the web console at

Is there any reason one would not be able to access the default local IP?

Using Debian Buster/testing with Firefox browser (60.0).

Stupid question: are you connected to the wifi of the slate ?

Nope. Wireless connection does work after testing with phone, but there is no wifi on the desktop.

You should connect to the default (unsecured) wifi to set it up. Or connect a lan cable.

Yes, it is connected via LAN, although I could attach a dongle to the desktop as well. Neither the 2.4G nor 5G wifi are unsecured, but they are still using the default password. Neither browser on the phone can pull up, nor can either Firefox nor Chromium on the Linux desktop.

While I’d be tempted to just flash OpenWRT, I don’t want to void my warranty so soon after purchase.

I’d try a router reset.

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Just press the button, or a 30-30-30?

You’ll have to check the docs - never done it myself.

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Now it’s not working as a router as well …

I think the last option is to try a re-flash via Uboot.

May be a dumb question… are you connecting to the correct LAN port?

Very much so. Still not resolved.

Does your device gain the correct IP address? Like 192.168.8.x(x is a number between 100-250).

Please reset the router using uboot.

Not sure exactly what you’re asking. Will see if nmap finds anything in the full range. … Nope.

Followed those directions, no dice. Obviously with no console, the GUI method is unavailable.

Could the fact that I’m using Debian Buster/testing be an issue somehow? Read that Ubuntu users were having difficulty. Also, the uBoot guide only speaks to Windows and MacOS, although I’m confident of my manual settings in Linux.

Yes please try windows. It does have problem with Linux. We fixed this but in some early production the uboot is old version.