Slate AX and samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive

connecting the usb stick causes the internet connection to fail.
it shows in network storage as a mounted disk but the wan connection fails every time.
if I remove it connection is restored.

Do you have system log and kernel log?

USB3.1 should only affect 2.4G wifi. I am not sure how it affect WAN.

After I connected Samsung Fit 256GB Drive, ping does not work (27.6 KB)

After I removed Samsung Fit, ping starts to work again

logread (1).zip (28.8 KB)

realise I was wrong on wan interface, it is 2.4 repeater that stops working when samsung fit is plugged in.
the issue remaings after upgrading firmware to 2022-06-28 7:21:42(UTC+08:00) compilation time.

I can also add that I have successfully used the samsung before on an old slate running vanilla openwrt 21.02.3.

Previous hardware did not have USB 3.0. With CLI you can force USB 2.0.

Maybe just use 5G repeater? Seems this flash drive emit a lot of noise to affect 2.4G wifi.

I need to be able to use 2.4g repeater when traveling so that is not a solution.
I’ve been using these Samsung Fit’s for a few years including storage for raspberry pi’s and asus routers and have not had any problems.

I was hoping the previous attached logs could provide a clue what is happening.

The logs shows that 2.4G wifi is interfered by the noise from USB3.0 connection. The inteference seems very strong when using some USB devices.

What is the wifi channel you are using?

it is connected to a ASUS RT-AX88U which is set to auto select channel, it is using channel 13.

I tested and disabled channel 12 and 13 for auto select in Asus router, it then selected channel 7.
Slate AX connected to channel 7 ok, but when I connect the Fit the problem is still there.