Slate AX AXT1800 how much current can USB 3.0 port deliver?

I plan to attach 4G usb modem and 2.5 hard disk at same time via usb hub and wonder if I need external power supply. How many amps can router’s usb port safely deliver?

I cant find this info in specs.

Hi,USB3.0 Type-A : output 1.5A,support max.7.5W output.

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do you mean in general usb 3.0 or for this specific router?

For Slate AX AXT1800,

What are the maximum USB 3.0 Type A power outputs for GL-A1300 and GL-MT2500?

It would be nice if the information was added to all router specs pages.

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At least 4.5W if they are spec. I’ve run a AXT1800 off a A1300, so 5-ish watts there is doable.

Great idea! A1300 is 7.5W,while MT2500 is 6W.

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Thank you!

The USB power outputs for the GL-AXT1800, GL-A1300 and GL-MT2500 should be sufficient to at least maintain smartphone battery charge while tethering. The 3 power adapter ratings of 5V/4A, 5V/3A and 5V/2A match well with the 3 routers, respectively