Slate AX & Beryl Multiple SSID with unique DHCP/SubNet

Looking to run multiple SSIDs with their own DHCP & Subnets - use case:

Main SSID | DHCP/Subnet of .8.1

  • Primary Network of phones, computers, Ipads, etc
    IoT & Smart Device SSID | DHCP/Subnet of .9.1
  • Prime/Google TVs, Sensors etc
    Camera SSID | DHCP/Subnet .10.1
  • Generic Wifi Cameras
    Guest SSID | DHCP/Subnet .11.1
  • for the occasional/rare guest

All I am trying to do is isolate the various devices from each other…

I am running a GL-AXT1800/Slate Plus as my main and a Beryl MT-1300 (non AX model) as a remote AP. (I would like to add 1 more remote AP - whether that is another AXT1800 or an Beryl MT1300, it does not matter).

Is this possible?

It is possible but not with the utilities the GL firmware gives you out of the box. You will have to get into luci and OpenWrt in general.

Since this is far beyond normal usage I would recommend you to play around and try to understand how OpenWrt works and what to do. Without understanding of routing, firewalling and wifi configuration in OpenWrt this will nothing you can do.

Something like this:

Yeah, it’s possible. To build off @admon 's point: you’ll also want to get into VLANS for the various device subnets… so you’re going to be getting familiar with LuCI real good, OP. Keep log entries of your changes & always have a bail out/restore point:

Ah, damn. I only recognized that this is not a private message, lol.
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I’ll follow suit then.

I am finding the peculiarities of the the GLInet implementation of OpenWRT and LuCi to be infuriating. I am about to give up…I have not been able to resolve the VLAN operation on the Slate AX…

Why not chooice an easier solution.

You just use Guest network (9.1) and it isolate the clients already.

I’d like to use Guest & Main on the other dumb APs…so need a VLAN to make this all work properly. I am trying to simpler route at the moment (and not have 4unique SSIDs) with a wired ethernet backbone

How do I get the Guest Network onto the Wired Connection via VLANs? Everything I do results in the device ceasing to route any and all functions. Is there a step by step somewhere?

On the main router > luci > create a new VLAN, for example 10, and attach the guest network interface. Make this guest IP interface of the main router and DHCP enabled

Then connect the next wired router, set the same VLAN number (10 in the example) and also connect the Guest interface, but set the IP of the Guest interface and the gateway and the DNS server and DHCP OFF and this will make the main router provide IP to all devices connected to all routers.

With different SSID you can do the same with other new VLANs and new interfaces and DHCP enabled on main router and always disabled on next connected routers and gateway and DNS pointing to main router.

Choose the main router with the best processor and RAM.

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As your original requirement is to isolate the device, so you can just use guest network, which does this already. These devices are in the same subnet, but does not talk to each other.

I am not sure why you have to use vlans. But if you have to, then configuration may be complicated.