Slate AX: channel not uppdated in UI

Minor, but anyway:
Main router on auto channel selection, initially chooses ch100, slate connected and shows ch100 in ui,
later when the main router switched channel to ch48 the ui in slate does not update.

4.0.1 release 5

wlan0-1   ESSID: "SlateAX-5G"
          Access Point: 02:03:7F:12:F7:6F
          Mode: Master  Channel: 48 (5.240 GHz)

Thanks for your feedback. We have reproduced a similar problem and are fixing it.

We tested and found that the problem only occurs when the main route is switched between DFS channels. but Slate AX is fine when the main route is switch from DFS channels to non-DFS everything.
Can you provide logs? I am not sure if this is the same issue.

no logs, sorry.
sounds like the same problem though.