Slate AX Crashing/Rebooting - GL-AXT1800 - no response from support emails

Hi, My Slate AX is randomly crashing/rebooting. I've tried both the released firmware and the 4.6 beta. Same result.

I've been emailing support since May 4th, but they never respond to my emails. I posted in the Beta thread as well, but support did not reply to my post.

I've reset the router and configured it again, same result.

Latest logs are attached.
[[log removed]]

If anyone can help me resolve the issue, it would be greatly appreciated.

The crash log tells us that the wifi-driver crashed. So this issue should be connected to the beta firmware.

I doubt that there is a quick fix for it, so downgrading is required until it get fixed.

Check your forum registered email, we don't have any record in our ticket system. I suggest that you send the email again.

Checked your log. You use repeater and wifi channle 149, which could be a problem of wifi crashing when using router purchased from the EU. This may due to wrong wifi configuration. So doing a firmware reset should fix this issue.


Hmm, I bought it online and it was shipped from Asia to Canada. So shouldn't be a EU model.

I emailed the crash log earlier today to the support emails address. .

I had already done a firmware reset a while back and it's kept crashing.

What wifi channel should I set it to?

Does it show "CN" in your dashboard?
Is VPN possible?

I don't run a VPN..

Where in the dashboard (which view etc) would I see the CN thing.

I should note that I have used this unit for years in Asia with no issues before.

Thanks - I was having the crashing issue with the non-beta firmware too. That is why I tried the beta.

In that case there is no CN version of it, I guess.
Is there anything connected with the crash; so maybe always the same procedure or something like this?

No pattern that I have found. Sometimes it crashes shortly after booting. Sometimes after it has been up for hours.

Not running any apps really. Just repeater and have the Cloudflare thing setup for DNS.

Did you happen to switch to a different power adapter recently?

No - using the OEM adapter that came with the Slate AX from GL-iNet

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