Slate AX custom DOH/DOT dns servers

I’m evaluating Adguard private dns service and need to specify private DOH or DOT dns servers, In GL UI it seems I can only select predefined servers and not enter my private servers.

this is the sevice I’m refering to

pls make it possible to enter my own DOH / DOT servers in addition to select the predefined ones.

We considered it when we designed the DNS feature. But setting it up manually is difficult for most users.
There is no development plan for this feature yet, but it will be improved later.

Actually this is possible with TLS, by editing 2 files.

First, In the Slate Panel, set DNS to ENCRYPTED/TLS/CloudFlared. This will allow you to edit Cloudflare TLS stubby files, and turn it into Adguard by using the steps below.


In these files, just replace the auth name with (find it in adguard, devices, your router) & the auth IP addresses (IPV4 & IPV6) with the info you got from AdGuard.

Should kinda look like that in the end. Then just reboot your router & ur good


/etc/config/stubby got regenerated with cloudflare info when I rebooted, changed option manual ‘1’ then it used my info from /etc/stubby/stubby.yml.

Thanks for the workaround, I hope the UI will be changed eventually.

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