Slate AX GL-AXT-1800 - Wifi is working, Ethernet is not

Hello everyone,

I hope you will be able to help me.

I have an ethernet cable connected from my main router all the to the way into my garden into the Slate AX-GL-AXT1800. From there I have a CAT8 ethernet cable connected to a MiniPC. I was running Linux and Windows 11 pro. Both had the problem, that I was able to use the WIFI connection, but not the ethernet connection. I was assuming it might be a problem with my network adapter, so I bought an external network adapter, but its not working aswell. And I also used 2 different ethernet cables, so this is not the problem too.

When the ethernet connection is established, I can see that it is connected in the network settings. There seem to be ingoing and outgoing data transfer. But I cannot visit a website.
I also cannot access the admin web panel.
I dont know why.

Right now I am assuming that there might be a DHCP/DNS problem. But my knowledge of this network stuff is really small. I am also not 100% sure that this is the root cause.

Maybe someone of you can help me. The DHCP is set on automatic, as everything else. Probably I need to type in something manually?
Or do you have other ideas?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

So I assume all three cables work as expected when connected via Main Router → MiniPC.

What’s your primary OS for the MiniPC?

  • if Windows, copy the output of ipconfig for the ‘Ethernet adapter’ to a post.
  • if Linux, if a is the equivalent.

Windows uses ping while Linux would use ping -c 4 .Then try pinging Cloudflare @ for Internet/WAN connectivity.