Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) Wifi problem?

Hi i think i have a wifi problem on tiktok Live videos are buffering every 30-60 seconds or so i see the 2 dots for 5 seconds and if I call someone (WiFi calling) all 30-60 second or so I can’t hear the person for 5 seconds.

Router settings:
Wireguard client policy routing
WiFi ssid same name and channel automatic
Firmware 4.1.0 / release 5

Device: iPhone 12 / firmware 16.2

I don’t have another phone to test

How about upgrading to the latest firmware 4.2.0 beta 2 to give it a try?

Except it might be WiFi issue, is it possible that AdGuard block some of your connections? Any strange log records when your issues happened?

It sounds like Drop-in Gateway Mode is causing the problem, are you using it?

@cafebug i will look next time if I can find something in adguard logs thanks for the help

@yuxin.zou no I don’t use mode thanks for the help

For now I changed adguard upstream dns from quad9 (doh) to (doh) maybe I should try next dns in dot mode