Slate AX: No Wifi if repeater can't connect

Since I travel a lot I frequently have to connect to new Wifis. Unfortunately my Slate AX doesn’t start the Wifi while trying to connect to the Wifi which was previously connected (and is not available).

This means I have to connect with an ethernet cable in order to configure the repeater to connect to a new Wifi.

Is this a known issue or can be fixed in the configuration?

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Please refer to Repeater Reconnection.
You can disable the Allow Switching To Other Saved Network option or connect to another band of Wi-Fi.

Hmmm … I see non connection between the Wifi the Slate AX is connecting to and the Wifi it creates for my devices.

No matter if the router tries to connect to other known networks or not: shouldn’t the Wifi the Slate AX provides ALWAYS be available so that I can configure it wirelessly?

Currently I have to connect to the Slate AX via Ethernet because the Slate AX Wifi is not visible as long as it tries to connect to the Internet router’s Wifi. As soon as I stop the connection attempt the Slate AX Wifi is available.

I didn’t have this problem with my previous GL.iNet router.

Wi-Fi should always be available. There will only be packet loss during the repeater scan phase due to channel switching. This may result in some client devices not being able to join, but will not disconnect clients. It is just as if you were repeater scanning on the page.

These cannot be avoided. When enabled, repeater scans approximately every 30s. If you are experiencing something different than this, it may be a bug.

What I’m experiencing is only happening when starting the Slate AX in a new location (where no known network is present). So it seems as if scanning for networks after booting blocks activating the own Wifi.

As soon as I stop scanning for Wifi networks (connected via Ethernet), the Slate AX Wifi is coming up and I don’t need the Ethernet connection anymore.

Will the client’s Wi-Fi connection be disconnected if you scan manually in admin panel?

No, scanning for new networks works as expected. The problem is only there when starting the device and the previously connected Wi-Fi is not present.

It sounds strange because the two scanning operations are equal.
It is only when it scans for the SSID and tries to connect that it causes the Wi-Fi to become temporarily unavailable. The connection usually lasts for more than 10 seconds.
Are there any errors message in the logs?

I’ll have to check the next time it happens if there’s mentioned something in the logs.

Apart from this issue (and sometimes the router getting after power outage the IP address from my powerline adapter plugged in one of the LAN ports instead of the Internet router plugged in the WAN port) this router is absolutely great with many unique features!

I could swear I’ve noticed this as well on my Slate AX. Not positive though.

Edit: I did, and even posted in this thread about it: Slate AX1800 not broadcasting 5Ghz WiFi

Repeater does affect the router’s wifi. But you should always be able to connect to another band.

I had a lot of trips recently. When I arrive at a new hotel, sometimes the 5G wifi appear slower than 2.4G and I may wait a little longer.

If you still have this issue, pls describe it in a new thread (your own thread) so that it can be discussed more specifically.