Slate AX vs Brume 2 as a home network router

Hi there,

I own a Slate AX and I am considering if it worth it buying a Brume 2 for home network.

The thing is:
I am not much of a traveler, so I could potentially park the Slate AX at my home and use it as a fixed router. Would I be losing something against a Brume 2? I mean, is there anything that the Brume 2 can do that the Slate AX can`t?


I’m using the SlateAX as my home router and it’s great.


For that purpose, Brume 2 is

  • Smaller, easy to place
  • Calm, no fan
  • Low power, save a little money
  • No wifi, no interference
  • Cheaper, may not matter as you own Slate AX already