Slate AX1800 Bug report

I just received the slate AX1800. It’s been amazing for the size and I’m very excited to say it meets most of my needs as a travel router.

there is however one bug I would like to report which is the Mac clone function does not have a “manual” input. Will this be fix? As I know the flint AX1809 have this function.

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Will there be an update to the firmware to fix this?

@alzhao could you check

Yes. This will be added.

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Thank you! Awesome work on this new travel. It’s working amazingly.

Another bug I would like to report is scanning of wireless access point does not capture some of 5GHz network

Is there a way to report bugs through the webUI?

Can you give details?


The slate AX isn’t able to find my 5GHz wifi on channel 60 DFS enabled. 20/40/80/160MHZ

You need to enable DFS option in repeater