Slate AX1800 Bug report

I just received the slate AX1800. It’s been amazing for the size and I’m very excited to say it meets most of my needs as a travel router.

there is however one bug I would like to report which is the Mac clone function does not have a “manual” input. Will this be fix? As I know the flint AX1809 have this function.

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Will there be an update to the firmware to fix this?

@alzhao could you check

Yes. This will be added.

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Thank you! Awesome work on this new travel. It’s working amazingly.

Another bug I would like to report is scanning of wireless access point does not capture some of 5GHz network

Is there a way to report bugs through the webUI?

Can you give details?


The slate AX isn’t able to find my 5GHz wifi on channel 60 DFS enabled. 20/40/80/160MHZ

You need to enable DFS option in repeater


Just received my Slate AX, so far so good, but I have also a bug to report:

When the option “Allow Repeat DFS Channels” is on in the repeater options and you try to connect to a 5GHZ wifi and you have the wireless also set on the 5GHZ:

  • the repeater cannot connect to the 5GHZ wifi
  • the wireless 5GHZ is not working and setting for dfs supports is suddenly switched on, even before connecting the repeater to 5GHZ wifi, it was switched off.

it does work if the wireless for 5GHZ is switched off and the 2.4GHZ is switched on.

So combination dfs on, repeater on 5GHZ and wireless on 5GHZ does not work properly.


DFS is a 5GHz feature. It could not work with 2.4GHz.
If you mean ‘2.4GHz is working great, every time’, okay.

I can’t see this behavior with my Slate AX. I will test again, later.
I can imagine you’re testing near an airport?

Take a look at Dynamic frequency selection - Wikipedia … especially the part

During this phase, the access point is in a passive state scanning for radar signals. This commonly takes 1-2 minutes, but could take up to 10 minutes.

Did you tested for more than 10 minutes?

I have no insight in how exactly the Slate AX is working. Maybe there are also some logs, that shows if/why the connection is pending.

Maybe you can just wait more time when connecting to DFS because the wifi needs to detect radar and avoid conflict.

I left it for an hour, no luck