Slate AXT1800 Dropping Internet Connection

I am in a hotel with a captiveportal using the slate in repeater mode. Using my laptop connected to the Slate, with VPN turned OFF, I turn on Repeater mode to the hotel wifi. It connects and the captive portal page pops up. After entering the hotel wifi password, the Slate connects in Repeater mode and all is well. I turn on OpenVPN client and everything is still working well …almost…

After 5-10 minutes, the blue light starts to flash. It flashes 5x, then stays solid, then flashes 5x again, then solid, rinse and repeat. The wifi from the Slate is is still running, but there is no Internet connection. If I simply reboot the Slate everything is fixed and the Internet connection is restored. However, after some time period, it drops and the light starts it’s 5x flashing again.

I’m using NordVPN OpenVPN client, and I have configured custom DNS to use OpenDNS’ I just did a MAC clone using my laptops MAC and still waiting to see if that fixes anything. Any ideas as to what’s going on??

Also, does anyone have a list of what the various blue light flashing patterns mean?


As a follow up, I’m now finding that the slate is dropping the internet connection a LOT…. The blue light is staying lit, but the connection to the internet just randomly drops, and then after a minute or so, reconnects. Repeatedly. Grrrr

Can you get the log from the router?

I have attached the log. I did see some error message but it disappeared so quickly I was not able to fully read it. It was in the Internet>Repeater section, in red or orange. It said something to the effect of “…polling to see if other networks are available. Wifi will not be available to users while this is happening”. Not an exact quote at all, but something to that effect. As a result, I set the “Allow Switching To Other Saved Networks” to OFF and the internet connection stopped dropping for about 24 hours. However, tonight, about 19:32 (approx.) my local time, I saw the blue flashing light again and the internet dropped. Unfortunately I was not on the Repeater page to see if any error message displayed. I’m -very- confused as to how to proceed to fix these internet droppings. BTW, I’m using OpenVPN from NordVPN.
logread (1).zip (29.5 KB)

I just lost connection again, somewhere around 10:20-10:24pm my time. Here’s another copy of the log that includes this time period. Are you able to tell anything about why the internet connection is dropping and the slate led is flashing?
logread (3).zip (25.3 KB)

I read the log. It contains various disconnect of repeater.

It contains a crash as well.

Can you check what is your firmware version? If not 4.0.2 pls upgrade. It should fixed a bug related to repeater crash.

I am running 4.0.2. And yes, I believe it is repeater crashes but I have no idea how to fix it/them. Rebooting works, sometimes for 10 hours and sometimes for 10 minutes. And the crashes happen both with and without using vpn.

And THANK YOU for your help! I really appreciate it!