Slate axt1800 ethernet over USB-C

Any plans to in the future or impossible due to hardware design restrictions.

Generally this feature is designed because the chipset support such a feature, i.e. USB device mode.

If no this mode, we will not add.

So does the SlateAX support this feature?

i just got my new axt1800, looking to test it out

if i were to plug a usb-c hub with pass thru power to the axt1800,
then can i plug in other usb-c items such as usb key or yukikey?
will that damage the axt1800?


I guess that It should be OK.

beniamin said:
So does the SlateAX support this feature?

If by this you mean, “Do you get an ethernet connection over the USB-C cable if you plug the Slate AX into a computer?” the answer is no.

I will try to come up with some answer from the response.
He has not said it can or cannot from a design/hadware perspective. His hands may be tied because if it can and it is not delivered the expectation level that is announced but may not be met and is not good for business.

Lets say it was tested but had issues that may be pushed out to a later date to be addressed but same reason. lets say it has a power issue that can’t be solved.

either way I appreciate the response as at least it’s honesty sets no expection level but was responded at the best of its ability. just have to wait. if it is capable then we need to post an interest in it so the feature can be moved up the priority list.

one other thing to think about is lets say it’s just as easy as loading a driver but it is unstable and they don’t want to run into issues arising from it during beta testing.

sorry, not sure what that means?

if i plug in my expensive cellphone into the usb-c port for tethering.
what will happen?

that can only be answered by you doing it. I can tell you what wont happen is tethering. I can tell you what might happen is your phone will power your router.


I had also tried it and no Ethernet, but no damage to my $1,000+ smartphone … I do not know what will happen with another smartphone.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet,

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oh, i am too paranoid to try.

did that happen?

I don’t know. I don’t have physical access to your phone and router.

Sorry I miss understood you.

Only power is on the TypeC.

@alzhao Will there be USB gadget and g_ether support in the next router?

I don’t see it is available recently.

We always check if the chipset support USB device mode. But new chipset just does not support.

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