Slate AXT1800 OpenVPN & Adguard Home


Just in case if someone was wondering how to use split DNS in case if OpenVPN and Adguard Home (AGH) are used together on Slate AXT1800 .

I am not sure how other users implement split DNS in this case but I do it as follows:

a) there are a tablet S7 and a laptop. I want S7 to be connected to the ISP provider, use upstream DNS servers (defined in AGH) and be protected by AGH, the laptop has to use OpenVPN, plus use its own DNS server and be ignored by AGH (it is protected by other means in this case);

b) we add a VPN policy, specifying the MAC address of the laptop, making sure that it will be routed via OpenVPN; After that we go to

to check what DNS servers we use and we see that those are the servers defined in upstream DNS servers set in AGH → “DNS settings”

c) we go to AGH “Client settings”, add a new client (laptop’s ‘Identifier’, I usually use MAC and IP (which I set static before this manipulation); make sure that on ‘Setting’ tab all options are off. Go to the tab “Upstream DNS servers” and add your VPN related DNS server (in my case this is a private DNS server belonging to the remote LAN (i.e.;

After that, we go to

and see that now the laptop uses the remote DNS server.

At the same time, you tablet uses AGH global settings and the upstream DNS servers (set in AGH → “DNS settings”).

I hope it was useful.

PS: I noticed that sometimes after router restart, VPN policies are not always applied and in this case I have to recreate them.

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