Slate GL-AR750S - Beta Firmware

I own this great travel router since Feb 2019, and I always loaded into it the latest beta firmware available. It is currently at Version 3.215 beta4. No problems found during a few trips I had. I use the VPN capability to have safe WIFI at public places. I am willing to become a beta tester for GL.iNet prducts in general, and I have already registered using the link provided in Facebook. I run an YouTube channel with reviews of a different products, including electronics. I am not sure whether I can provide a link to my channel here, therefore I am not doing that. I am happy to join the GL.iNet forum. Thanks.


Thanks! Team is working on beta testing now.

Thanks. Since I already own the device, if there is a newer beta version not available for sownload at the web site, I am willing to load it onto my device and help with the testing effort. As I mentioned ealier, I am running already Version 3.215 beta4. Thanks.

There is 4.2 snapshot for AR750s


Hi All,

Would like to check whether this is a known issue.
Testing the “4.2.2 beta1” and the device can’t seem to see other SSID (blank) to connect to (tethering).
Is there some adjustment needed to be done for this beta version?


I don’t quite understand. Can you explain?

hi @alzhao

When the device (slate on 4.2.2 beta1) try to browse for WiFi SSID to connect to (repeater mode), it doesn’t list the SSID available (either 2.4 / 5ghz). So wondering if that is expected?


I tried 4.2.2 beta and it works OK for repeater.