Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext) feedback

Very impressed with my new Slate!
Azire VPN activated and constantly achieving a minimum of the quoted WireGuard download speed of 68Mbps. Often I exceed this speed into 70+. Internet is 200/100 fibre.
Love the UI. Excellent design.
Set up was very easy.

I plan on ordering further routers from you. I am considering the ConvexaB for faster WireGurad speed…

EDIT1: read there are testing versions of firmware available. I don’t seem to have any issues at the moment. Is there any advantage to using a beta firmware or should I just wait for the auto-update?

EDIT2: Are there any tweaks to MAX the speed or is +/-68Mbps the cpu limit?

EDIT3: When I enable Cloudflare DNS over TLS my download speed drops about 10%. I see this after multiple speed tests. Anybody else experience this?

There are a lot of bugfixes in the new testing firmwares. They are also very stable so don’t be scared of the naming. Give it a try!


I will try the beta firmware soon…thanks.

This is mainly cpu load limitation.

About dns cloudflare, can you pls check, after you enable this and test speed, the speed test server is changed to a remote one? Maybe you can change server manually.