Slate GL-AR750S - Power On/Off

Sorry - Got a silly question. I just purchased the Slate and I was wondering how do you Power Off the unit? Do you just pull the USB power cable out?

I was under the impression the button on the side was the power, however, after reading, this is the RESET button only. Just wondering if there was a shutdown sequence or it’s simply safe to pull the USB out to cut the power to the unit to switch off.


Just pull the power cable.

You can also run the command “poweroff” in SSH, to gracefully tell the system to close all processes and write any last data. Not really needed unless you have an external disk connected and want to make sure no data gets corrupt on it.

Thanks so much for the info. I do have HDD, so this will be useful to shut down. Cheers.

how do you power on the router ? is possible to have a poweron without plugging in the usb…
did you found a way?

No. You cannot power off without pull the wire.

to power off the router just open putty and connect via ssl then log-in and type poweroff comand.
to power on i think is impossible via ssl