I have a GL-AR750 but have experienced some wifi instability when using WISP mode to extend a public wifi to a private wifi even 3 metres from the access points

I wondered if the GL-AR750S had any reall adavantage other than the better CPU and external antennas?

Well the AR750s is the first router with the new V3 firmware, so i would think the firmware itself would give you better stability. It was written from the ground up and is faster and more stable than V2.

Wait until the V3 firmware is available for the AR750, and see if you get better stability. If not, i would say the AR750s would not give you much better performance on the wifi atleast.

I have a V3.0 firmware for AR750. PM me your email and i will send over for a try.

Can you send me v3 for the 750 so I can also try it my email address is thanks.

With the v3 firmware does the gl-ar750 work well? Has the range problem been solved? I would like to know whether if it worth to wait until October to buy the gl-ar750s. If the range problem is solved, I think I would go with the gl-ar750.

Hi! I just sign up to the forum, So I can’t pm yet. Interested in trying out the v3 on my AR750. Can you pm me?

Now I have a public link. Pls try download.