Slate GL-AR750S WDS LAN device name

Hello, just received my devices today and so far so good!

I have setup one of the devices as a router and then connecting the other one via WDS and this works great, full connection from a wired port on the WDS device. The question, is there a way to change the name reflected on the LAN connection on the WDS device? Right now it’s telling me it’s connected to GL-AR750S-xxx-5G, which is true, that is the ‘default’ name of the router, however is it possible to reflect something different? Maybe the actual SSID of the router itself, or maybe something custom?

I’m not a networking expert by any means, so I truly appreciate the help!


You can change ssid on ui.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t very clear, I already have changed the SSID of the router, the default router name still shows up on the connection details of any device connected to the LAN of the WDS device connected to the router.

You need to change the host name in advanced settings, find network-interface, then you will find hostname in wan and lan. Pls change both. Not sure which one is used.

To change all the device names, you can edit the following files via SSH:


Replace the GL-AR750S names with whatever name you want for your network.

I am able to ssh in from the linux terminal. How do you edit the file? I can’t seem to do anyhing from the prompt. Entering “/etc/config/system” I get permission denied.

Via SSH you can use Nano to edit the file.

opkg update
opkg install nano
nano /etc/config/system

Do your edits and then press Control + O to save the file and Control + X to close Nano :slight_smile:

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Thanks again. Worked perfectly.