Slate Plus no Internet connection with Tailscale exit node

I don’t know if this have been addressed.(it might have but could not locate any help with this issue) I have a AXT 1800 Slate, updated it with latest firmware and tried using the configuring the firewall setting as recommended from above,currently, I am having a problem where I have no problem accessing my Tailscale server (this is a PfSense firewall setup) and the network on the other end, but when I try to use the Custom Exit Node it works for about 3 minutes then I lose all internet access to and from that network. When I deactivate the Custom exit node function, everything goes back to normal. I am able to connect to this same server using Android or windows devices with the Tailslace app with no issues with the Exit Node function on those devices, I am just having issues with the Slate router…just wondering if anyone has come across this issue and if there is a solution for this…thanks

you did on exit node right? --accept-route?