Slate Plus

Any ETA on Slate Plus and price info? (I’m UK)

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Here is purchasing link for your information:
Sales Price: £130.00

Thanks, but looking for the Slate Plus not AX (this one Slate Plus (GL-A1300) - GL.iNet) so more budget than AX I think as not WiFi 6 / lower speeds but still a solid upgrade on Slate

Our EOT is about mid Sep 2022 on Amazon UK

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Look what dropped of a white van nearby!

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Mine arrived 3 days ago :slight_smile:

Good news is that Slate Plus has thermal sensors built in but no fan, the firmware comes with v.4.0 alpha2 that is kernel 5.4 inside.

Initial Wi-Fi performance testing is not as expected, I don’t know if it’s the firmware or hardware issue. :thinking:

The size compares with a baller pen:

The size compares with Slate AX:1

The size compares with Slate AX:2

The size compares with Slate AX:3

** The size compares with Slate AX: 4**

** The size compares with Slate AX: 5**

** 5V/3A Power Adapter **

The wifi is interesting indeed.

It CAN be fast (I got it to do ~110mbps; 5GHz; next to the device), but sometimes is just really slow. Slow being in the 6 to 20 mbps range. (5GHz; also next to the device).

Even my trusty old AR300M beats that 6 to 20 mbps!

Yes, the WiFi speed is not good, my best shot is around 150 ~ 170Mbps(download), 170Mbps(upload) in 5Ghz connection nearby.

I hope they will release a firmware update soon to justify the Wi-Fi speed issue (My Beryl is way faster than it) :sweat_smile:

Are you guys supposed to be posting like this? I assume this is subject to the beta test rules?

I have pretty much asked if I may post about this device. I will quote the answer:

So, I do not see why I would not be supposed to post what I posted above. Technically I could apparently also post this on the public forum, but I feel for now the beta-forum seems good enough.

They should be able to post in the beta area. That’s why we have this forum. It’s not open to the public.

Beta category was opened after we launch AXT1800 officially.

Unfortunatelly no hidden category now.

That’s the thing. If I log out and return to this forum, I see all these messages. So the beta forum is open to the public.

EDIT: I see there is a new post for Slate Plus beta discussion, but that is public too. Kind of confused.

Ohh. I thought it was only opened to the beta testers. I could be wrong then. My bad.