Slate: Port Forwarding for Arlo cameras

I have a Slate.

I use VPN Wireguard Client.

I have “Allow Access Local Network” switched ‘on’.

The instructions for my Arlo App (for viewing my camera storage outside the LAN) say to enable port forwarding, and gives the internal address of my camera server, internal and external ports.

I also went to other tab and opened port on router.

I configure exactly as it says- cannot get to work.

Any help?

You use Wireguard to connect to a Wireguard server and want to access your Arlo using the Wireguard Server’s IP address, right?

First of all, THANK YOU for such an amazing product. I use easytether with Wireguard Client and have over 30 devices connected and getting speeds of 20-60mbps and when playing online games, I get reasonable ping 50-100, and if more devices are playing it might go to 100-200, NOT BAD at all considering the number of devices connected… WOW.

Anyway- I just want to be able to view my cameras using the app, which says I have to use port forwarding, or use a VPN, but they dont give clear instructions.

I tried port forwarding… nothing… I tried using the same VPN server on two different devices, nothing… I tried creating a VPN policy to exclude the base station on my LAN… nothing.

This might not be an option for me, and thats OK!!! I just wanted to see if there is something I am missing.

Unfortunately I cannot build the whole picture from what you said. Can you just draw a diagram of your setup, including phone, wireguard, servers, arlo, how do you want to access et.c

I am able to remotely view my Arlo cameras using the Arlo app with no modifications to my router and no need for a VPN. Maybe I am not understanding what you are trying to do. For general usage the app connects to Arlo servers which connect to your cameras with no need for the user to do anything special.

Edit: I just reread your original post. I see that you are trying to access local storage. As they mentioned you’ll need remote access to your LAN. Most secure way to accomplish that is by using a VPN. In the VPN server settings on your router you’ll need to allow LAN access. Is the gl-inet router your main router or is it behind your main router or gateway?

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