Slate Router Getting HOT and disconnect my USB phone tethering

How can I cool down the device efficiently without a fan ? Because this is causing me headache here. I have disable 5G connection and put my 2.4G on low power settings to see if it helps. I sure plug in on a power bank with 2.4 amp output or a Car 12v splitter on a 2.4A output.

The phone I am using for the tether connection is a Samsung A8 plug on my computer with a Lan connection and connected to 2 wireless devices. All those are always on and consume around 1gb of data per hour. ambien temperature here is around 23-24celcius

I can say that disabling 5G and putting on low power reduce the heat of the device a little.

After all that , it just disconnect again . It disconnect because the connection between the phone and the router is lost for a moment, I found it funny because the Tether icon is still on but nothing works. I have brought the best Anker cable for the power and the connection between the router and the phone. 100% sure its not the cable. I will try the tethering directly in my computer for the next day to see if it drops.

I am going to get a fan to see if its really the HEAT that cause the problem ( this will take a month as I need to buy an adapter )

Does the New Beryl router or the Brume W have that problem too ?

All i want is a 5v router to use with a power bank.

Can you get a fan to cool the router to see if it works?

If not then it may not be heat problem. It maybe the tethering driver. You can write a script to detect Internet. If no Internet then reset the USB connection using gpio

I put it with very good low temperature, Still disconnect.

I will try to use scripting and other things , ( new to that here ) and try to figure out gpio , thanks for the help

another thing im doing is to Order a Brume-W to see if it change something and at the same time I will take advantage of the internet thetering from his USB C connection to the host.