Slate Router


Just got my Slate router a few days ago and I am thoroughly pleased! This thing is awesome!!

I watched a YT video by NetworkChuck setting up a RPi travel router using OpenWRT months ago. I would have done this but can’t get a 8Mb 64bit RPi at this time. The last one I bought was around $170USD back last summer to setup piHole. I also have it running OpenVPN and as an wireless access point.

Hands down, the Slate is the winner!!


Thanks for your support! We will release new versions of travel routers, and they will have some advanced features you might want to try. If you are interested, feel free to subscribe:


Eagerly awaiting the GL-AXT1800!

Looks like the ideal feature set and form factor for travel. :+1:

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The slate AX looks real thick. Any reason as to why? Is it for cooling?

Mostly for cooling. There’s a mini fan for active cooling…

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Ahhh ok. I had a feeling. Very nice. Thank you Pan.

That slate plus looks nice. How does it compare to the Beryl and Brume for OpenVPN speed?

In theory, Slate Plus(GL-A1300)'s OpenVPN speed might reach 25Mbps, and its WireGuard speed might reach 192Mbps. So it will be better than Beryl , but worse than Brume.

Ah thanks for the reply.